Brawl Super-Star Legends
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Developer(s) LegendGames Entertainment
Publisher(s) LegendGames Entertainment
Designer(s) Buddy Thompson
Series Brawl Legends
First Release TBA
Genre(s) Platform Fighting, Action
Mode(s) Single Player, Multiplayer
Ratings Teen
Platform(s) Unknown
Media TBA, Download

Brawl Super-Star Legends is a platform brawler that would bring characters from many LegendGames Entertainment franchises together in a four-player battle royale. It currently contains a roster of 23 first-party characters, one second-party character, and one third-party guest character.


Warriors spanning several worlds are brought together by a mysterious force. Soon, they begin to meet each other and go about regular activities such as an upcoming fighting tournament taking place in another universe. Unknown to the warriors, however, is the same force that brought them together is slowly destroying their worlds, and adding their abilities to his own.


In Brawl Super-Star Legends, up to four players fight on screen using characters from LegendGames Entertainment's original series. Stages in the game are inspired by two different series for each stage. The stages will interact with the player by changing the landscape or posing a threat. Items will spawn on stages for the characters to use, and the combat is similar to PlayStation All-Stars, in which certain Supers will result in instant KO's.

The game would have a rival system similar to All-Stars, however the rivals would interact within a storyline, as opposed to a ladder arcade. Each character has a Minion that appears as a cheerleader in their intros, outros, and during successful KO's. Unlike All-Stars, the Minions can be assigned to any character, regardless of whether they are controlled by AI or players.

The rival battles are also vastly different from All-Stars, in that they are epic, quick-time event sequenced fights that bring a new battle style exclusive to the rival fights, which actually hails from Brawl Legends: Shinobi Reborn. They are each composed of an introduction rival scene, followed by a battle, quick-time events, another cutscene, another quick-time event, and another cutscene that continues the storyline.


The list of various modes in the game.

Single-Player ModesEdit

  • Story Mode: The Ultimate Clash of Legends
  • Multiversal Tournament
  • Training
  • Collection
  • Customization
  • Store

Multi-Player ModesEdit

  • Network Battle
  • Legend Mode
  • Legendary Battle
  • Duel


For the list of characters, their rivals, and Minions, see: Characters

Character Series Appearance
Allen Stark Hero's Retribution Allen Legends
Avatar Avatar City Avatar Legends
Battle Legend OC Arena Battle Legend Legends
Bio-Man Bio-Man Coming soon
Bob the Alien Agent 0049 Bob Legends
Brick Rogers Block-Stars Studio Brick Legends
Daisuke Jikoku BOND Legends Daisuke Legends
Haze Hero's Retribution Haze Legends
Ian Powers Legend Games Ian Legends
Jack Longhorn Agent 0049 Jack Legends
James Draiman Notoriety James Legendes
Lee Hatake Brawl Legends Lee Legends
Nero Crescent Brawl Legends Nero Legends
Raizo Elders' Legacy Raizo Legends
Ray Jackson Thrill of the Hunt Ray Jackson Legends
Riku & Zaku BOND Legends Riku&Zaku Legends
Sara Walker Blood Prophecy Sara Legends
Satsujin OC Arena Satsujin Legends
Siren Blood Prophecy Siren Legends
Sonten Drone LegendGames Entertainment Sonten Drone Legends
Stabbo the Clown Stabbo's Clubhouse Stabbo Legends
Suraisa B.O.N.D. Suraisa Legends
Tortelder Meta Monsters Coming Soon...
Wraith Elders' Legacy Wraith Legends
Final Boss Series Appearance
Bankatsu no Akuma B.O.N.D. Akuma Legends


The stage list may still be expanded.

Stage Primary Representation Secondary Representation
Arcadia Legend Games Brawl Super-Star Legends
Champion's Tower Meta Monsters N/A
Dojo Brawl Legends Avatar City
Film Studio Block-Stars Studio Agent 0049
Thrill of the Hunt
Helsing Manor Blood Prophecy Agent 0049
Jungle Thrill of the Hunt Elders' Legacy
Lynch City Hero's Retribution OC Arena
Realm of Malfestation B.O.N.D. Brawl Legends
Temple of Azrael Elders' Legacy Blood Prophecy
The Airport Notoriety Thrill of the Hunt
The Clubhouse Stabbo's Clubhouse Bio-Man
Universal Tournament Colosseum OC Arena Brawl Super-Star Legends
Viper's HQ Agent 0049 Hero's Retribution


Item Series Class Description
Azrael's Stone Elders' Legacy Power-Up A sacred stone belonging to the Dragon Deity, Azrael. Allows the user to breathe fire.
Beast's Curse Blood Prophecy Transform A vial of a red substance. Turns the user into a werewolf for a brief time, increasing their strength and knockback resistance.
Capture Chronometer Meta Monsters Summoning A wrist device that players can pick up that will allow them to release two Meta Monsters that will fight for them for a brief amount of time.
Controller Legend Games Special Allows the user to "cheat" utilizing a few features such as instantly gaining access to their Level 3 Super, draining the other characters' super meters, choosing the next item that will spawn in battle, or result in the death of all characters in the battle (a "cheating penalty"). This is the rarest item in the game, save for the Potara Rings.
Explosive Tag Brawl Legends Weapon A paper tag with a special seal. It will explode after being thrown and can be attached to characters.
Laser Brace Mark IV Agent 0049 Weapon A wrist brace that will shoot lasers. It can be charged to fire a large beam.
Legend Points (LP) Super-Star Legends Meter Fuel Orbs of energy that are collected to perform Super Moves. Legend Points can also be directly drained from a character or used to charge the Awakening Meter for certain characters.
Mask of the Divines OC Arena Epic/Transform When characters pick up this mask, they immediately transform into a deity version of themselves, briefly changing their appearance while giving them a large sword. While transformed, their attacks will deal 30% more damage, and they are able to instantly KO opponents by activating their Super Move. Once activated, the mask will allow the user to perform a special Super that is exclusive to the mask. Once the mask's Super is used, the characters will revert to their normal state.
Povalent Ring(s) B.O.N.D Special A rare item exclusive to Team Matches. Whenever a Povalent Ring is picked up by a character, it is added to a special "inventory" slot next to the HUD. Whenever both members of a Team (only in 2v2 matches) collect one, they are given an option to fuse, which combines them into a single character controlled by the leader of the team. The new character has a combination of both characters' movesets, and can de-fuse at any time during the 10 second period the characters stay merged. However, this item will only work with characters from the same franchise.
Transem Ray Agent 0049 Transform A remote appears on stage. When a character picks it up, a large beam is fired across the stage, switching the genders of all characters. Male characters gain speed, but lose power in their attacks. Female characters lose speed, but gain power in their attacks. The effects last about 12 seconds. The characters' names also change temporarily.
Warrior Scroll Brawl Legends Summoning A scroll that, when activated, will call a random character that assists the user in battle.


See: Alternate Costumes

Additional MinionsEdit

Just like in All-Stars, the default Minions are not the only ones in this game. More to be added later.

Minion Series
Aborigrove Meta Monsters
Akari Inoue Brawl Legends
Amara Avatar City
Bill Avatar City
Caleb Stark Hero's Retribution
Count Alucard Agent 0049
Gina Katawa BOND Legends
Jake Sullivan Thrill of the Hunt
Jon Kurosaki Brawl Legends
Knightmare Hero's Retribution
Leona Avatar City
Mack & Baxter Avatar City
Maya Alexandra Hero's Retribution
Morpheon Meta Monsters
Neiume B.O.N.D
Pete Kankaku BOND Legends
Rig Hyuga Brawl Legends
Rinaco B.O.N.D
Sharkiro Ramirez Agent 0049
T-Bone Avatar City
The Spender Avatar City
Victor von Viper Agent 0049
Zentai no Tenshi B.O.N.D.



  • Notoriety is named after a fictional film in Hero's Retribution. However, the plots vary.
    • James Draiman is the only character who doesn't have any special powers, instead being a metal singer turned to crime.
  • OC Arena is the only series that began as a video game idea, although Elders' Legacy and Hero's Retribution have a video game spin-off.
    • Brawl Legends is also the first comic idea that recieves a reboot through video game form.
  • Avatar is the first DLC character to be added. He/she would, of course, be free DLC.
  • The Avatar is also the only character with a custom appearance, gender, and voice. He/she is also the only character that does not recieve a name change when affected by the Transem Ray.
  • Haze bears slight resemblance to Dante from the classic Devil May Cry series. However, his powers are entirely different.
  • Ian Powers and Sonten Drone both have movesets related to video games.
    • Coincidentally, the two of them are both rivals and belong to the same universe.
    • This makes them the only rivals who come from the same universe.
  • Ray Jackson is the first human character who is not Caucasian.
    • Ian Powers is the second, as he is of a Hispanic descent.
    • This may actually be debatable as Lee Hatake, Nero Crescent, and BOND are all Japanese even though they appear caucasian.
  • Stabbo the Clown is the first character who makes his debut in Brawl Super-Star Legends, created by Goopking, the CEO of Toshiko Games.
    • He is also the first character who is jointly owned by Toshiko Games and LegendGames Entertainment.
    • Brick Rogers is the second original character, based off of LEGO characters.
    • Despite being original to this brawler, Stabbo and Brick recieve names for their universes.
  • Siren is the only character with two personalities: Seductive and Serious.
    • Her hair and eyes also change color when she switches personality: Seductive has bright blue eyes and purple hair. Serious has crimson eyes and blood red hair.
  • Wraith is the only villain whose name does not begin with the letter "S".
  • BOND is the only original character who was created from existing characters. However, his moveset is unique.
    • He is also the only character that is unable to use the Potara Rings item, due to the fact that he is already a fusion.
  • Raizo of Elders' Legacy shares the same first name as Lee Hatake's great-grandfather, Raizo Uchida. However, their names are pronounced differently.
    • Raizo is not playable in the Elders' Legacy video game, but is the ancestor of the protagonist. He bears the nickname "Dragonheart" in the series' folk legends.
  • Allen Stark's original name was Alan Stone, but was changed to avoid being confused with Aaron Stone, an unrelated character from a tv series of the same title.
  • Satsujin's name is Japanese for "murder".
    • He also would have made his debut appearance as the main villain from the cancelled fangame, Shonen Jump Trilogy, even though his home series is OC Arena