Embrace of Souls
Used by Lee Hatake
Super Level Awakening
Type Transformation

Embrace of Souls is Lee Hatake's awakening in the Brawl Legends series, activated when he synchronizes himself with Inferno and Yoi. In this form, Lee's left eye glows blue as his right eye glows orange in the style of his rings, and he becomes surrounded by a blue aura. This form allows Lee to access new abilities as he is able to transform his aura into ethereal limbs and has more control over his Black Inferno technique. After the epilogue of Brawl Legends: Shinobi Reborn, set eight years later, Lee is even able to create the torso of an ethereal warrior armed with twin swords.

In Brawl Super-Star Legends

This form reappears in Brawl Super-Star Legends as Lee's special Awakening Super, changing his moveset. This form is based off of the teenaged Lee's version, rather than his adult incarnation's.

  • Standard attacks allow Lee to attack with ethereal arms wielding swords.
  • Strong attacks give Lee access to Black Inferno, a technique where he shoots a single black fire ball that erupts and leaves a trail of black flame behind. This attack can only be used once as the flames will not extinguish until the Awakening ends.
  • Special attacks summon an astral being known as Tamashi, the merger of Inferno and Yoi. Tamashi will attack alongside Lee for 8 seconds.


  • This Awakening is one of the only three forms featured in Brawl Super-Star Legends, the others being Golden Nero and BOND's Full Gear Okami form.
  • In this form, Lee's voice sounds like Inferno and Yoi's voices mixed with his own.
  • This is the only Awakening that does not earn its user instant KO's, and is also the only one where its user may still perform Super Moves.
  • Tamashi is Japanese for "Soul".