LegendGames Entertainment
Company LegendGames Entertainment
CEO Buddy Thompson
Flagship Franchise Brawl Legends

LegendGames Entertainment is an upcoming Arkansas-based video game company co-founded by Buddy Thompson and Mark Bolding. It is both the developer and publisher of Brawl Super-Star Legends and other related series.

Intellectual Properties

Official Series

  • Agent 0049
  • Avatar City
  • Block-Stars Studio
  • Blood Prophecy
  • B.O.N.D.
  • Brawl Legends
  • Brawl Super-Star Legends
  • Elders' Legacy
  • Hero's Retribution
  • Legend Games
  • Meta Monsters
  • OC Arena
  • Notoriety
  • Thrill of the Hunt

Other Projects

  • B.O.N.D. (Flash Game)
  • PlayStation Flash Battle Royale (Flash Game)
  • PlayStation All-Stars: Polygon Version (Flash Game)

Written Works

  • B.O.N.D. (Unofficial Manga Crossover)
  • Brawl Legends (Unofficial Manga)
  • Jack the Cow (Short Stories)

IP Gallery


  • LegendGames Entertainment's earliest works include the Brawl Legends fan manga and two short stories in a series called Jack the Cow, the latter of which would become Agent 0049.
  • Many characters seen in the unoffical manga of B.O.N.D. and Brawl Legends come from other series. This is why these two franchises vary significantly from their official counterparts. However, the B.O.N.D. flash game would follow the plot of the manga, rather than the reboot story of the official game.
  • The B.O.N.D. fan manga still has yet to be written, and the unofficial Brawl Legends manga has been in hiatus for three years.