Meta Monsters II: Cosmic Aura
Meta Beasts
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Developer(s) LegendGames Entertainment
Publisher(s) LegendGames Entertainment
Designer(s) Buddy Thompson

Justin Wolfe

Series Meta Monsters
First Release TBA
Genre(s) Open-World RPG, Battle Arena
Mode(s) Single Player, Multiplayer
Ratings Teen
Platform(s) Unknown
Media TBA, Download
Meta Monsters II: Cosmic Aura is a role-playing adventure game collboratively developed by LegendGames Entertainment and Toshiko Games.


Meta Monsters II retains all of the same gameplay mechanics as its predecessor, as well as the introduction of new mechanics. Certain Monsters are able to call upon the powers of Cosmic forms, special transformations that make the creature more alien-like in appearance, and boost their power. A new type, Cosmic, has been introduced, which applies to all Cosmic forms. Additional changes are under development.


The story is still under development, although the elements that are known are that:

  • Players once again take the role of a male or female protagonist, and set off on their journey across the all-new region of Pintigo.
  • The new criminal organization is composed not of villainous ex-Meta Monsters champions or anyone of that sort, but instead, an extraterrestrial race that is attempting to capture all Meta Monsters and bring them to their home planet.
  • The Meta Monsters are revealed to have originated from an extraterrestrial world, and certain Meta Monsters are able to call upon special transformations known as Cosmic forms.

List of Meta MonstersEdit

As in Pokémon, the player will be given on of three starter monsters. However, the other two will be available for capture later in the game.


  1. Fire
  2. Water
  3. Plant
  4. Earth
  5. Air
  6. Beast
  7. Dragon
  8. Poison
  9. Ghost
  10. Fighting
  11. Metal
  12. Magic
  13. Normal
  14. Electric
  15. Ice
  16. Bug
  17. Cosmic (Applies to Cosmic Forms)

Monster EncyclopediaEdit

Name Species Picture Type
Herboo Herb Herboo Plant
Spiroot Ghost Plant Spiroot Plant/Ghost
Floraith Harbringer Floraith Plant/Ghost
Trickle Magic Drop Trickle Water
Mistical Magic Water Mistical Water/Magic
Torrentrik Conglomerate Torrentrik Water/Magic
Emboks Shell Emboks Fire
Snappyre Snapping Snappyre Fire/Beast
Abpyrant Abhorrent Abpyrant Fire/Beast
Jerbound Hopping Jerbound Normal
Rodipo Hopping Rodipo Normal/Earth
Whisprot Soft Sound Whisprot Air
Decibird Loud Bird Decibird Air
Moskibble Larvae Moskibble Bug/Poison
Queezylis Sick Shell Queezylis Bug/Poison
Probosgust Mosquito Probosgust Bug/Poison
Demoth Omen Demoth Air/Beast
Sinisir Omen Sinisir Air/Beast
Fishiv Blade Fishiv Water/Metal
Sharpier Rapier Sharpier Water/Metal
Caypata Stormlight Caypata Metal/Electric
Taranterra Sandtrap Taranterra Earth
Arenichid Sandtrap Arenichid Earth
Dichick Chick Dichick Air/Poison
Putrohui Poison Bird Putrohui Air/Poison
Banehood Hooded Banehood Air/Poison
Grankey Chimp Grankey Earth
Gravilla Grand Ape Gravilla Earth/Fighting
Wandergo Loneliness Wandergo Ice/Ghost
Trouffle Truffle Trouffle Earth/Plant
Hacksess Corruption Hacksess Metal/Electric
Fervorage Fury Fervorage Fire
Geyserupt Geyserupt Geyserupt Water/Fire
Tinime Cartoon Tinime Normal/Magic
Hannime Cartoon Hannime Normal/Magic
Froasty Balanced Froasty Fire/Ice
Bergnite Balanced Bergnite Fire/Ice
Clamprog Parasite Clamprog Bug


Parasite Scolestrode Bug/Beast
Thorntum Thorn Thorntum Bug/Plant
Prixapod Thorn Prixapod Bug/Plant
Azurry Berry Azurry Plant
Arberry Berry Arberry Plant
Temptail Lure Temptail Water
Angallure Angler Angallure Water
Pepeño Pepper Pepeno Fire/Plant
Grandero Hot Pepper Grandero Fire/Plant
Gnawsh Biting Gnawsh Beast
Nawbble Biting Nawbble Beast
Webbug Web Wrap Webbug Bug
Mosster Moss Plant/Beast
Mostrosity Moss Plant/Beast
Flate Flat Normal
Swelloon Taut Normal/Air
Ghasbag Burst Ghost/Air
Kernelmet Hard Shell Plant
Aegiseed Fortress Plant/Metal
Igniguana Ignition Fire
Gaspuny Laughable Water
Wasabask Bottomless Water
Boomine Sea Mine Water/Metal
Explodepth Sea Mine Water/Metal
Cometorch Comet Earth/Fire
Asteroast Incoming Earth/Fire
Teslec Tesla Electric
Skintine Imitate Normal
Huskonic Ascended Dragon
Jellectric Jellfish Water/Electric
Galvanetle Jellyfish Water/Electric
Snapdragon Leaf Drac Plant/Dragon
Continento Landmass Earth
Panggish Continent Earth
Lenoir Raven Air/Ghost
Graven Raven Air/Ghost
Gravermore Griefstricken Air/Ghost
Tyrat Trio Poison
Tyrodent Swarm Poison
Felitter Garbage Normal
Toxicap Poison Plant/Poison
Venellum Poison Plant/Poison
Goobot Tiny Bot Metal
Nandroid Tiny Bot Metal
Gnomatter Gnome Magic/Normal
Gnobiggie Gnome Magic/Normal
Gnoprobb Gnome King Magic/Normal
Moquetic Static Water/Electric
Smawkin Curious Magic/Plant
Snder Caring Magic/Metal
Manerve Courageous Magic/Beast
Borora Aurora Electric/Ice
Rootato Root Plant/Earth
Rootuber Spud Plant/Earth
Rootaho Spud Plant/Earth
Shaydow Mirror Image Beast
Coundour Countdown Ghost/Earth
Tardible Durable Bug/Metal
Nymphant Tiny Trunk Plant
Elefent Elephant Plant
Gozoo Cow Normal
Shuddudder Fear Cow Normal/Ghost
Fraqua Sea Being Water
Wardestal Guardian Earth/Beast
Guargoyle Guardian Earth/Beast
Flamime Clown Fire
Circoal Clown Fire/Magic
Imbecear Monster Clown Fire/Magic
Pugular Fist Fighting/Normal
Flampion Fire Fist Fighting/Fire
Swimpion Water Fist Fighting/Water
Ampion Shock Fist Fighting/Electric
Brimney Chimney Earth/Fire
Cumbio Symbiotic Water
Moochumber Take-Over Water/Beast
Pereppy Puppy Electric
Poocharge Spark Electric
Thundog Lightning Electric
Pringuin Penguin Ice
Kinguin Kingly Ice
Emperial Imperial Ice
Arratel Arrow Normal
Badgarrow Arrow Normal
Cacteau Cactus Plant
Cacbrero Sombrero Plant
Stinsect Fume Bug/Poison
Stinking Foul Stench Bug/Poison
Nursture Healing Normal
Slowvern Confused Dragon
Dragull Ditzy Dragon/Magic
Raptepid Lukewarm Fire
Cookatris Cooking Fire
Scaldrice Scalding Fire/Dragon
Starvoid Famine Ghost/Earth
Epidether Pestilence Ghost/Poison
Galagrent War Ghost/Metal
Catacrosis Death Ghost/Magic
Bagominal Chaos Ghost/Normal

Meta Monsters Recieving Cosmic FormsEdit

There are 20 Meta Monsters from the first game recieving Cosmic Forms.

  1. Aborigrove
  2. Hurriconda
  3. Pteroscorch
  4. Dodread
  5. Toxious
  6. Nunstaff
  7. Willogant
  8. Posident
  9. Flammabear
  10. Neglectern
  11. Zapgon
  12. Magmagon
  13. Tortelder
  14. Marrowale
  15. Voltung
  16. Infantrex
  17. Sauswell
  18. Oarloft
  19. Cliffnir
  20. Morpheon