Soul Embrace
Used by Lee Hatake
Super Level Level 3
Type Trapping

Soul Embrace is based off of Lee Hatake's ultimate technique, the Eternal Vortex, and appears as his Level 3 Super. In the Brawl Legends series, Lee unleashes the powers of Inferno and Yoi and creates a large vortex that traps anything caught inside in another dimension, imprisoning them. This technique was used to defeat The Fallen.

In Brawl Super-Star Legends

A cinematic plays in which Lee unleashes the power of his rings and flies to the foreground of the stage. From this point, he is able to aim a cross-hair at any place on the stage. Once he selects an area of the stage, Lee will fire a large energy ball at that area. The energy creates a large vortex that will pull in any nearby opponent, earning Lee an instant KO. After a period of 10 seconds, Lee thrusts his arms together and the vortex implodes, also KO-ing any opponent nearby. Lee will then return to the stage.

The vortex, in scale to Lee, is only around ten feet wide, and cannot move once its location is chosen.


  • In Brawl Legends: Shinobi Reborn, this technique can be used by Lee Hatake (Soul Embrace) and Lee Hatake (Time Skip). It also appears as an alternative Ultimate Attack for Fallen Lee in BOND Legends.
  • This technique also reappears in Toshiko Games' brawler, Toshiko: Crash-Up, as Lee's Crash-Attack, the only difference being the duration of the attack.