Super Moves are a character's most powerful set of moves, able to instantly KO any opponent in the battle. They are accessed by building up a Super Meter from attacking opponents and gaining enough Legend Points to successfully perform them. There are three types of Super Moves. A Level 1 Super is usually a short-ranged attack that is easy to access and is best for quick KO's. A Level 2 Super will cover a wider range, making it able to earn more KO's than a Level 1. A Level 3 Super is a character's most powerful move and is capable of earning the most KO's as it will be unique for each character.

There is also a second form of Super Move that is unique to only a few characters, known as an Awakening. For compatible characters, a second meter will appear when they collect enough LP known as an Awakening Meter. Once this meter appears, players will hold down Select to charge the meter, allowing them to access their Awakened form. The forms are not permanent, however, and only last a few seconds. The only characters who can use Awakening are Lee Hatake, Nero Crescent, and BOND, In this state, Lee will have increased knockback and is given access to a few new attacks. His Awakening will end instantly if he uses a Super Move. For Nero and BOND, all of their attacks will instantly earn KO's, and their Awakenings act as an alternative to their Level 3 Super, preventing them from using Super Moves while in their awakened state.

List of Supers

Character Level 1 Super Level 2 Super Level 3 Super
Allen Stark Red Light, Lights Out! Vehicular Manslaughter Super Charged!
Avatar Random Attack! Delete, DELETE! No Escape!
Battle Legend Death Stance Mastery of Every Art The Ultimate Finish
Bob the Alien Probing Time! Mind-Control Ray Mecha-Steve Mk. IV
BOND Rasen-Shogun Slingshot Getsugameha Universal Bijuudama
Brick Rogers Space Sword Return of the Fallen Hero Horrorflicks VII
Daisuke Jikoku Temporal Burst Reversing the Clocks Awakening of Epoch
Goop Abominable! Vaccuum Veggie Beast Goop Awakens!
Haze Steamed! Hard-Boiled! Mist Form
Ian Powers Vehicle Spawn Anti-Gravity Lag City
Jack Longhorn Item A-1 Annihilator Blaster The Ultima Beam
James Draiman Band of Crime Remote Mines Your Last Concert
Lee Hatake Chaotic Spirit Bring the Rain Soul Embrace
Nero Crescent Ominous Slash Super Jenova Cannon Nexus Crash
Raizo Finishing Blow Infernal Vortex Dragonheart Awakened
Ray Jackson Get 'Em, Rex! Raptor Frenzy Bait for the T. Rex
Riku & Zaku Lightning Inferno Flare Storm Yin & Yang
Sara Walker Heightened Sense Ultraviolet Bomb Blood Awakening
Satsujin Fatal Blow Breaking Ground Oni's Wrath
Siren Smitten The Swarm Your Worst Fears
Sonten Drone Disc Read Error Multiplayer Madness! Game Over!
Stabbo the Clown A Shocking Surprise Inflate-A-Clown Stay Tuned, Kiddies!
Suraisa Blade Master Universal Destruction The Warlord
Tortelder Magic Snare Torrential Shockwave Cosmic Tortelder
Wraith Another Reaping Rising Souls Army of the Dead

List of Awakenings

Character Awakening Duration
BOND Full Gear Okami 10 seconds
Lee Hatake Embrace of Souls 12 seconds
Nero Crescent Golden Nero 12 seconds


  • BOND is the only character who cannot use his Level 3 Super more than once a battle. This is due to the fact that in B.O.N.D., using this attack weakens him tremendously, and excess usage of this technique would end up killing him.
  • Suraisa is the only character who uses Super Moves that are not his own techniques. His Level 2 Super is a technique used by Bankatsu no Akuma, and his Level 3 replaces Suraisa with Akuma, himself.
  • Some characters, such as Raizo Dragonheart, have Level 3 Supers that are similar to Awakenings.
  • Most of the Super Moves used by characters from B.O.N.D., Brawl Legends, and BOND Legends are also one of the characters' Ultimate Attacks. Only their most powerful techniques are chosen, though.
  • Other Super Moves, such as Allen's Vehicular Manslaughter, are actually based off of common mechanics from their series, rather than special abilities such as Raizo's Dragonheart Awakened.