The Airport
Primary Representation Notoriety
Secondary Representation Thrill of the Hunt

The Airport is a stage featured in Brawl Super-Star Legends that is based off of Notoriety and Thrill of the Hunt.

Players can unlock an achievement if James Draiman uses his Level 3 Super on this stage.

Stage Description

The Airport is one of the most dynamic stages in the game as it contains a total of three transitions.

The stage begins atop a stolen luggage truck driving through the runway of the St. Johnson International Airport. Police will occasionally drive behind the truck and shoot at it, also aiming for the players. The truck and police vehicles act as platforms during this phase, and anyone who falls off of the vehicles will be KO'd if they fall off-screen.

A short while later, the luggage truck catches up to a plane that is nearing takeoff. The cargo bay opens and players are prompted to jump into it. After a few seconds the plane will take off, leaving behind the luggage truck as it takes to the skies. Unlike other stages, this phase has no hazards as players are able to fight throughout half of the plane, from the cargo bay to the middle. A few suitcases and other luggage items are found in the cargo bay, although no passengers appear in this half of the stage.

After some time has passed, the plane will begin to encounter turbulance problems and a red light turns on. Oxygen masks will deploy as the pilot announces in disbelief that several large "birds" have begun attacking the plane and the engine is failing. Outside of the windows, many passengers can be seen parachuting, but many are carried off by pterodactyls. As the plane begins to divebomb, players are thrown back into the cargo bay as they are prompted to jump out the back where they are able to use the broken wings and other wreckage of the plane as platforms, with parachutes coincidentally attached to them. The platforms will then land in a jungle, where a Brachiosaurus can be seen in the background.

Characters appearing in Stage

  • Rod Harrison (Notoriety)
  • Police (Notoriety)
  • Rodrigo Sanchez (Notoriety)
  • Civilians (Notoriety)
  • Pterodactyls (Thrill of the Hunt)
  • Brachiosaurus (Thrill of the Hunt)


  • This stage is based off of a mission in Notoriety that bears the same name.
  • The Airport is the only stage that ascends and descends.
  • The Airport is the only stage represented by only two franchises that has more than one transition.
  • Rod Harrison is the criminal that drives the stolen luggage truck, and Rodrigo Sanchez is the one who opens the cargo bay of the plane.
    • Despite apparently dying in this stage, the latter character is still alive in Notoriety.
  • The plane crashing in a jungle after being attacked by dinosaurs is similar to a scene in Jurassic Park III. However, the two planes and methods of crashing are different.